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Pseudosamanea guachapele

Guachapele, Guayaquil, Gavilan

A large tree with a spreading crown, well-formed bole without significant buttresses.

Habitat :Often near rivers or waterway is in dry and wet forests, sometimes isolated in pastures, indicating ancient meanders.Phenology:Flowers seen in January, February, March,April and December. Fruits observed in March.Uses:It has been used for diarrhea and as piscicida in Panama.

 Heartwood light orange brown when freshly cut becoming yellow brown or brown with a golden luster on drying


Plant Characteristics


 January, February, March,April and December

Additional Information

Benefits | Desirability

The wood is easy to work and surfaces finish smoothly after sanding; sawn surfaces are somewhat woolly.Excellent weathering charecteristics. 

Shipbuilding (planking, ribs, decking), railroad crossties, general construction, flooring, decorative veneers, furniture components. 



http://www.discoverlife.org/mp/20q?search=Pseudosamanea+guachapele&guide=PA_BCI_Plantae      pictures 


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