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Guaiacum sanctum

Lignumvitae, Guayacán real

This species is very scarce and highly valued for its wood, oil,  and various medicinal properties like resin used in the US and Europe. They grow extremely slowly. The story goes it was thought to also cure syphillis causing much of the original trees to be  cut down by Spanish explorers. We had the opportunity to see one glorious specimen reported to be over 1200 years old. The young bark  is interesting and soft and cork like in nature.  In years past the wood was used as self oiling ball bearings.   While the bark of older trees is one the hardest  trade wood in the world. The wood density is again one of the most  dense in the whole world making it heavy and hard to work with.

The crown of blooming flowers creates a heavenly appearance. Young trees give a bonsai sculptural  like feel. All in all this is one of my favorites. We love promoting trees like the Guayacán real, Lignum Vitae,   that are endangered but with the proper stewardship may be enjoyed by generations to come. 

Grows associated with typical species dry forest as ron ron(Astronium graveolens), cortez yellow (Tabebuia ochracea) and tempisque (Sideroxylon capiri)among other.

Plant Characteristics

cycle March- July, October


small lavender blue heavenly clusters 

Bloom Cycle

flowers February to May and November 

Additional Information

Care Instructions

Aesthetic Combinations
Grows associated with typical species dry forest as ron ron(Astronium graveolens), cortez yellow (Tabebuia ochracea) and tempisque (.Sideroxylon capiri )among others




native, hardwood,

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