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Roystonea regia

Royal palm, Palma real

Roystonea regia, commonly known as the Cuban royal palmFlorida royal palm, or simply the royal palm is a species of palm which is native to southern Florida, Mexico and parts of Central America and the northern Caribbean.A large and attractive palm, it has been planted throughout the tropics and subtropics as an ornamental tree.

The royal palm is a large palm which reaches a height of 20–30 metres (66–98 ft) tall,(with heights up to 34.5 m (113 ft) reported)[4] and a stem diameter of about 47 centimetres (19 in).(K. F. Connor reports a maximum stem diameter of 61 cm (24 in).)[4] The trunk is stout, very smooth and grey-white in colour with a characteristic bulge below a distinctive green crown shaft.

Plant Characteristics

about 15 leaves which can be up to 4 m (13 ft) long.


The fruit are 

The flowers are white with pinkish anthers

Additional Information

Benefits | Desirability
Best known as an ornamental, R. regia is also used as a source of thatch, construction timber, and as a medicinal plant. The fruit is eaten by birds and bats (which disperse the seeds) and fed to livestock. Its flowers are visited by birds and bats, and it serves as a roosting site and food source for a variety of animals. ?



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