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Terminalia oblonga

Surah guayabón, Surá

Sura has a mostly straight trunk (80 cm or more) that has a mildly irregular cross-section. Though close to cylindrical, the bole is marked by lumps and shallow dents along its entire length. These irregularities are accentuated bye silky-smooth, thin bark that catches the eye with its unusual texture, sheen, and pale-orange color. Often Sura bark peals in randomly shaped but large, sheetlike sections. Large, thin, and planar buttress roots are always present, merging with the bole at a height of about one meter.


Plant Characteristics

Dimensions at Maturity
  • Height: 0 to 35 M

(14 by 9 cm) are smooth, light green, simple and alternate: they are arranged in whorl-like clusters around the tips of the twigs. New leaves usually produced in November

Bloom Cycle

 Erratic, sometime between November and January . Flower production prolific and covers its surrounding area with a blanket of flowers when they drop. 

Additional Information

Benefits | Desirability
Valued for its wood, used mostly for floors and ceilings. 





native, hardwood,

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