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Vetiver Vetiver | Vetiver | Chrysopogon zizanioides |  Native to India. Vetiver can grow up to 1.5 metres high and form clumps as wide. The stems are tall and the leaves are long, thin, and rather rigid; the flowers are brownish-purple. Unlike most grasses, which form horizontally spreading, mat-like root systems, vetiver's roots grow downward, 2–4 m in depth. This plant can be extremely helpful for erosion control. 

 Mother's in Law Tongue, Snake Plant Mother's in Law Tongue, Snake Plant | Sansevieria trifasciata | The common name for Sansevieria, is Snake Plant or Mother's in Law Tongue. They are succulents related to aloe vera and found  originally in the desserts of Asia and Africa . They have strong, stiff, almost plastic-like, succulent leaves that come directly right out the ground from the roots or rhizomes.. Many may know them from seeing them in planters in malls, restaurants, and offices . Some of their valued qualities are being failrly...

Split Leaf Philodendron, Cut Leaf, Selloum Mano de tigre | Split Leaf Philodendron, Cut Leaf, Selloum | Philodendron bipinnatifidum | Nothing speaks of the tropics more than this large glossy leafed ground cover and vine. Its distinctive leaf shape makes one think of a Rousseau painting or vegetation that must have been in the Garden of Eden. Native to Central America from Mexican to Panama this has become a favorite. Best known as Split Leaf Philodendron, a semi woody shrub, this plant is low maintenance prefers part shade and requires a medium amount of water although it...