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Sansevieria trifasciata

Mother's in Law Tongue, Snake Plant

The common name for Sansevieria, is Snake Plant or Mother's in Law Tongue. They are succulents related to aloe vera and found  originally in the desserts of Asia and Africa . They have strong, stiff, almost plastic-like, succulent leaves that come directly right out the ground from the roots or rhizomes.. Many may know them from seeing them in planters in malls, restaurants, and offices . Some of their valued qualities are being failrly indestructible, low demands for  fertilizer or water.

Many species, if not most, are naturally variegated being banded, striped or mottled to varying degrees. Great in for dry areas with poor soil. We are currently selling two varieties and hope to expand to carry more depending on iour customers' desires. 

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Additional Information


 It has been noted that some species in certain areas of the world because of their hardiness have been considered invasive. We have so far  not found this to be the case but best advise would be to plant consciously. 

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